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Nicole Kristiana Studio


15 January
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Just got married! Professionally staying as Nicole Kristiana FitzGibbon, but personally as Nicole Logan. My husband Ross is my support and strength for art and in my life!


Please feel free to friend me, I love the company, no need to ask either. :) Note, however, that you will see a lot of pictures of my animals. Barnaby, our new puppy, Gilligan, my beloved yellow lab who is no longer with us (he has to stay mentioned here and Ms Kitty. I post about my art practice, Nicole Kristiana Studio. I update to show my new artwork and share bits of the lifestyle I feel so fortunate to have. :) I believe life not lived beautifully is a waste, so I try to add some every day.

My name is Nicole Kristiana FitzGibbon (Logan) and I live in Bellefonte, DE. If you'd like information about my art or news about upcoming shows, please email me at nicole@nicolekristianastudio.com

The Studio:
Nicole Kristiana Studio caters to the balanced individual living in the present. People who love art, nature, music and learning about other cultures. It is for the person who is a traveler, one who has a bent toward the exotic, but has no problem taking the recycling out themselves. It’s about knowing how to live beautifully, taking care to keep fresh flower arrangements on the table. When buying, an NKS fan gravitates towards things that delight the senses. They understand the value of a well-designed space and a penchant for asian-influenced aesthetic. NKS art improves the experience of everyday living through surroundings. Each piece has cultural influences and is based in nature, which every person knows and appreciates. NKS art is meant to inspire joy in daily living.