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Happiness is life with a dog!

Originally published at Nicole Kristiana Studio. You can comment here or there.

I got up this morning, around 7 am, first, to let Barnaby out, then, back to bed until I actually got up around 8. As I started out of bed, down where my feet need to go, there was himself, head on a decorator pillow, tucked into draped blankets. Quite comfy! He takes a minute to get up. He has to stretch a lot, you see. He’s growing so fast, like bamboo! 4 weeks ago, he was 22 lbs, now he’s 38, Dr. says he’ll be over 50 lbs by next visit in only 4 more weeks.

I am tickled delighted at how Barnaby yawns at me when he’s getting up. First, he sticks his tongue out really far, then begins his yawn. It really looks like he’s closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out at you. The adorableness is accented by the baby teeth fangs peeking around the pink tongue, kind of baby puppy vampire looking.

I got Barnaby his breakfast, for which he bounces! Today was one of his favorites, he got Wild Pacific Stream canned food mixed in with his crunchy Xs… hmmm. I just got his food storage mostly sorted with a find from goodwill! I was so excited by the pie tin front. I hope to find more for the kitchen. I like a very warm kitchen, so mine is all in reds and light wood. It’s very cozy. Inspired, I also got him this neat bowl and water set off Etsy.

Pet food container solution

Airtight pet food storage.

And, of course, here are some pictures of Barnaby himself!

MOM! No more pictures, please!

Busy with my friend Ms Kitty and my toys!

After playing in the snow and having dinner...

Barnaby's artist-made tag from Etsy.