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Coming to Bethany Beach, Fish Tales Decor!

Originally published at Nicole Kristiana Studio. You can comment here or there.

Just came back from a snowy, wet and cooooollllddd day at the beach. :)

Flakes were HUGE as we drove down! It wasn’t the type of snow that was supposed to stick, so no danger driving. It was surreal and pretty. Felt good to get out in to the wintery world, and I was happy to have Barnaby with us on his first road trip! It was delightful to share in his happiness of experiencing all the new things, even the startling pre-toll rumble strips. He was great, just shifted side-to-side once in a while and poked his head out at the tolls while I said “howdy” to the toll operator. It’s family tradition. It’s an awkward drawn out Hooooowwwwdeeee. Hysterial laughs every time:)

Got down to Bethany Beach, no problem, and met with the lovely folks at Fish Tales. :) Justin and Diane are wonderful and fun to talk to! I’m happy to say, my artwork will be in Fish Tales Decor in late March. I’m very excited to be in their store! Loved that they let Barnaby in to say hi! It’s fun to be in the chill beach mindset so early this year.

Here’s a little bit about the place:

Beach was cold, and I didn’t have time to re-layer properly before taking Barnaby out there, so it was short trip, but he loved it! He bounded around in the sand, and ran from the waves. Looked like this was the best thing he’d ever done and seen. The wind was tearing. Barnaby’s leash had my arm wobbling like a chicken’s when it caught in the wind. It was strong stormy mid-February ocean cold. My hands were icicles. Next time, I’ll be smarter and take my time to put the gear I brought with me actually on, but it was so worth it! Loved every minute! :D

Was a Great Day! Really excited to be in Fish Tales, hopefully, with many returns to Bethany Beach!